Black Widow Custom Tattoo & Design
Black Widow Stinger - Long stroke Liner.
This is a liner I built myself ;). Took a classic spaulding stinger frame, de-chromed it, painted it with a red primer and splotched over with black (wanted a grungy sort of finish), then I stressed the paint a bit then coated it. Crown standard 8 wrap coils with 22uF cap from Eikon, custom coil covers that I made myself. Top and bottom binders, silver contact screw, washers and back spring from Pulse. The front spring is spaulding, was a strange size that only fit the stinger frame. There are still a few things I need to pick at but it runs...won't use it yet until I get it running perfectly smooth.

I was so proud of myself :), before I attemped this, I took one of my old puma's apart a bunch of times, read over machine gun magazines 1- 6, and a shitload of instructions I got from eikon and the internet, I wouldn't stop until I understood everything. Still a bunch of learning to do tho, it aint no where near over. This is def something I'd like to get into sometime down the road :). I plan to add more things to it, like a custom thumb screw and a nickel to mount the back spring :).
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