Black Widow Custom Tattoo & Design
Set up for a portrait :)HEALTH INSPECTOR REPORTBloodborne Pathogens and Infection Control Certificate.  Taken May 2011WORK AREAWORKSTATIONCOUNTER/NEEDLE/MACHINE SET UP AREASHOP SIGNREINVENTING THE TATTOOCarrier certificate from H2Ocean (Aftercare product)Machine setupWife's scorpionMe and my new Eddie Tattoo!Working AreaNeedles and other supplies/Machine set up areaSet upFlash wall/Waiting areaSession on the Singer :)The Shop (full view)Sterilizing areaDrawing areaTHE SHOPAnother view of sterilizing areaWashroom
The Shop
This is my working area. It is a 22'x24' section built onto my home that is fully intended for it's purpose as a fully functional tattoo shop, and it is exactly that.

I do not tattoo out of my basement or my parents house; nor do I tattoo out of a kitchen, shed or in the back of someone's van. To think that so many uneducated people do, truely makes me sick.

I respect the art and all aspects of the industry in the utmost highest regard. I hold a current certificate in bloodborne pathogens and infection control. Yes, I own an autoclave (American made and FDA approved), and everything else that goes with it. I do not own crap from E-bay and only order from very reputable supply companies.

More pics to be added, so check back often.